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Ed Zuccarelli

Bound Brook, New Jersey


About me

"A Photographer focuses on 50 and himself..."



Ever since my 11th grade English teacher handed me a camera to take on a trip to Washington D.C. in 1978, I have been working in photography in some form or another .

Over the years as I turned to the camera to help make ends meet, I didn't make a conscious choice to make "Portraits a Specialty".

I just like people.




And, quite frankly, itís just not that challenging to get a field of sunflowers to hold still, look at the camera, and have the sun over your shoulder when they do so. 

(This is one of many "Art" Prints

you can order for your very own. Click HERE)



I've found I have a particular knack for "instant" portraits. I combine natural light, a moderately willing subject, and a sense of humor that doesn't take a coffee break. What I get are results that tend to surprise my subjects. And if I had a nickel for every time someone said "Taking my picture will break your camera" I wouldn't have to work at all...

But I digress...

You can see examples by clicking on the "Informal Portrature" link on the front page; truly my first love in photography.



Much of my current practice involves High School Yearbook Sporting events. Its surprisingly fulfilling work, knowing I'm helping build their memories.

I love watching for moments like the one at right. Some of the others are actuially planned. Click on "Athletics" on the front page to see more.


I prefer working in natural light, but I also have a fully portable studio that features a Hollywood style blue screen. I worked the Anime convention circuit for a number of years, and introduced Harry Potter fans to Flying Over Hogwarts. 

Click on the "Special Events" page to see more



As I try not to let my "art" rule my head, I am somewhat mercenary and will accept just about any kind of assignment. I used to say "Everything but a Wedding" but I've done a few for close friends who gave me no choice in the matter.

 If you are getting married, a sample from the first wedding I was asked to do is at right. It's hard to tell, but he's in a Centaur costume and she's sitting sidesaddle. You can see her wedding folio HERE

I love my friends.


This last image, of the Bride and her father, was also taken that day. 

He passed away a short time after. 

She was thankful I took the job, as was I.


So here it is, my work. Browse around... enjoy...buy something.

As Jimmy Breslin once said

"This Ain't the Lawn Tennis Association. We do this for a living" 

(Remember what I said about my sense of humor)

Thanks for Stopping! 

 Ed Zuccarelli

My Jimmy Breslin impression. Special thanks to Kirsten Walsh

 *special thanks to Tony Kruzel, Jimmy Buffet, Kirsten Walsh, Tony Randall, and FU Enterprises

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